Wreck "Peltastis" (Croatia)

In the night between the 7th to 8th January 1968, close to the northeast shore of the Island of Krk, the anchor of the greek freighter "Peltastis" and the running engine were not able to hold the ship in position during a strong bora. The storm hit the "Peltastis" with 200km/h, the ship crashed against the coast and sunk after a two hours long battle, around 50m from the shore close to the village Šilo. The cargo was around 500m³ of timber.

Its Captain Teodoros Beleisis did not want to leave the ship and was later found tied to the wheel. About one year after the ship had sunk, the Austrian diver Franz Mitznneg removed the Captain from his wet grave. Beleisis finally found his peace on the Kozala cemetery in Rijeka. The wreck is since also known as the "Grk" (the Greek).

The "Peltastis" was originally named "Alsterpark" and built in the shipyard D. W. Kremer & Sohn in Hamburg. It is about 60m long, 18m tall and lies in a perfect upright position in a depth between 16 (bow) to 32m (stern, propeller) with the bridge at 21m. The visibility is maximum at medium range, depending on the weather.

The spot can be reached by boat, there are some diving centers in that area offering trips to the wreck. You can also reach the spot by car, get ready at the rocky beach and swim around 50m to the boje.

The descent begins at a boje which is tied to the stern mast. From there one can dive towards the bridge or lower to the propeller.

Experienced divers can pass through the cargo holds and the bridge. Entrance to the engine room is prohibited, though!

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