So 05 Januar 2020

I attended the Chaos Communication Congress which took place between the 27th to 30th of Dec in Leipzig, Germany, this time in its 36th iteration. It is an annual conference with currently around 17.000 visitors, over 140 talks/lectures and hundreds of workshops about technology, security, freedom of speech, privacy, and society. The not-for-profit congress is entirely organised and run by thousands of volunteers called Angels.

Most of the talks have been recorded and you can watch them online or download them. If you want to have a more comfortable way of watching the talks on an Android phone/tablet/TV or Amazon Fire TV, I recommend this app:

The talks are usually available in various languages and have subtitles. Check out the video settings (gear icon) to find out about the available translations. Missing subtitles might be added later. You can also help adding/improving the subtitles, just check out the corresponding link for subtitles below each video.

Jan Beilicke

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