Thinkpad in Dock: Stuttering USB input after resume

This article is from 2015 and has been archived. It's old and probably outdated.

One of my machines is a Lenovo Thinkpad T420s running Sabayon Linux. For a long time I experienced issues with my USB mouse and keyboard after resuming from standby, while the notebook and the input devices were plugged into the dock. Both devices stuttered occasionally, i.e. the first key stroke or move of the mouse were not recognized. Sometimes I was able to fix the issues by disconnecting and reconnecting the dock’s power connector. Sometimes only a restart helped.

After doing lots of research in the web, I stumbled over a mailinglist post that suggested to remove the package laptop-mode-tools, if installed.

Guess what, the particular package was installed, I removed it and the issues have not reappeared since then.

Jan Beilicke

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