UK: Fledermaus-Beobachtungskasten gesprengt

This article is from 2007 and has been archived. It's old and probably outdated.

Officers were called to Handcross at noon yesterday after a member of the public spotted the box under a bridge over the A23.

Police immediately set-up a no-go zone around the site and offered 20 residents shelter in the parish hall while the bomb disposal unit investigated.

Both lanes of the A23 at Pease Pottage, near the motorway junction, and the A272 at Bolney were closed for several hours.

The Horsham Road at Handcross was also shut and traffic diversions set up.

Drivers were advised to avoid the area because of traffic gridlock. – The Argus – Police go batty over box under bridge

Kommentar im Cryptogram-Newsletter:

I like this comment:  "We are working on ways to improve identification of our property to avoid a repeat of the incident."  Might I suggest a sign: "This is not a bomb."

Jan Beilicke

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