Morgen auf dem Plan

This article is from 2006 and has been archived. It's old and probably outdated.

Mal eben für mich notiert:

11:30 – Unlocking FileVault – An analysis of Apple’s encrypted disk storage system (Saal 1)
12:45 – Software Protection and the TPM – The Mac OS X Story (Saal 1)
17:15 – Subverting AJAX – Next generation vulnerabilities in 2.0 Web Applications (Saal 3)
18:30 – Mining Search Queries – How to discover additional knowledge in the [AOL]{.caps} query logs (Saal 3)
20:30 – Überwachungsdruck – einige Experimente – Wie wirkt Überwachung? (Saal 2) Technorati Tags: 23c3, ccc

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